What Norman Walker Can Educate You About Wholesome Dwelling


It’s humorous to consider how extensively our primary understanding of vitamin has grown prior to now few many years alone. With the assistance of meals gurus like Dr. Norman Walker (1886-1985), a vitamin pioneer who devoted his life to serving to humanity perceive methods to reside more healthy and longer, we all know extra about wholesome residing now than we did at another level in historical past. Right now, we are able to nonetheless be taught from Dr. Walker’s analysis when taking steps to a more healthy life. It’s not a nasty concept — some consider Dr. Walker lived to be as outdated as 119 (although his official dying file signifies that he died at 99)!

Who was Norman Walker?

Dr. Walker was a pioneer in wholesome vitamin, passionately advocating for vegetable juicing and correct vitamin as a solution to be wholesome. His design and processes helped create the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. All through his lengthy life, Dr. Walker helped folks be wholesome and based many various dietary ideas which are nonetheless fairly legitimate at present.

Eat A number of Fruits and Greens

One of many ideas Dr. Walker espoused was consuming recent juices of all vegetables and fruit. He believed that these meals act as an intestinal broom, offering advantages nearly instantly. Consuming stable meals requires quite a lot of work and digestive exercise for 18 to 24 hours. It may be so long as six hours earlier than we start feeling the results of fine meals.

Juicers take away the fibers from vegetables and fruit and extract the juice. This frees up the vitamins to go instantly into your bloodstream rapidly. It requires little or no to no effort in your physique for digestion and assimilation. That is necessary for folks with most cancers and different debilitating ailments. Because the digestive system doesn’t have to work onerous to digest meals, it might probably refocus its vitality on therapeutic the damage and strengthening the immune system. It additionally helps individuals who have mouth and tooth issues, as they don’t need to chew meals. Juicing will enable them to drink their vegetables and fruit moderately than being in ache as they attempt to eat them.

The Mixture Weight loss plan

Dr. Walker didn’t advocate purely consuming solely vegetables and fruit. He centered on a well-rounded eating regimen, with recent fruits and veggies used to supply vitamin on to the blood. This, mixed with consuming complete vegetables and fruit, helps the physique acquire robust fibers.

Dr. Walker believed that cooked meals is lifeless meals and that it doesn’t retain the vitality of wholesome ideas that may maintain an individual effectively. Though vegan himself, a number of of Dr. Walker’s recipes do use dairy, eggs, and fish. Surprisingly for the time, his dietary solutions additionally averted bread, pasta, and rice.

assortment of fruit and berry smoothies

Dr. Norman Walker’s Contributions to Well being

Dr. Walker was a pioneer in juicing, creating the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer and a number of other smaller corporations. His clinic, the Norwalk Laboratory of Dietary Chemistry and Scientific Analysis in New York, supplied analysis that helped disseminate the knowledge on why a wholesome, uncooked vegetable eating regimen is critical for well being.

He was a prolific author writing a number of books all through his life together with Uncooked Vegetable Juices, Changing into Youthful, and The Pure Option to Vibrant Well being.

Water is essential for all times, and Dr. Walker advocated consuming clear, pure water. It his most superior methods, he beneficial consuming distilled water, which he and a few authorities consider acts just like a sponge in that it helps the physique eradicate toxins.

Workouts consider his eating regimen as effectively. To help the physique and enhance the digestive system, he beneficial strolling and common train every single day to maintain our hearts wholesome, to enhance respiratory, to take care of correct blood stress, and to maintain our metabolism working appropriately.

man praying holding vegetable tray on head

Dr. Walker was essential in serving to promote the usage of enzymes within the upkeep of a wholesome physique. He acknowledged that in recent, pure meals, enzymes abound and assist our our bodies to digest meals correctly. Nonetheless, when meals is cooked or packaged, the enzymes and wholesome amino acids are destroyed, and we endure from illness.

Dr. Walker was additionally very adamant concerning the supply of all life stems from the Creator. He totally believed that if meals was wholesome, it could be vibrant and vigorous. This included seeds and nuts, together with grains. He was primarily centered on the power of seeds to sprout to show their life, which he believed would solely occur if divinely impressed.

Lastly, Dr. Walker advocated conscious consuming. The extra you take note of your meals and deal with the therapeutic advantages, the extra high quality you’ll get. Conscious consuming additionally helps to decelerate our consumption of meals, which permits us to really feel full sooner. We are able to chew our meals and get extra vitamin out of it.


Dr. Norman Walker contributed considerably to advocating wholesome vegetables and fruit as a main eating regimen and establishing juicing as a respectable and wholesome solution to incorporate extra recent meals. By following his ideas in each consuming and religion, we are able to maintain our our bodies wholesome.


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