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For this week’s version of Pricey Mark, I’m answering a query that got here in response to my earlier submit on teenagers and creatine utilization. Ought to ladies take creatine? Are there any variations in creatine metabolism between women and men? Does creatine work the identical in ladies? And, the age-old query, will creatine make ladies cumbersome?

Let’s dig in.

Hello Mark,

I’m questioning if creatine is as useful for ladies as it’s for males. You don’t actually hear a lot about it on the market concerning ladies. What do you assume?

Woman with white hair and purple tank top does a plank pose on yoga mat with several other yoga students behind her.Finally, we’re all people. All of us produce the identical hormones, course of the identical three macronutrients, make the most of the identical micronutrients, and require the identical nourishment no matter whether or not we’re males or ladies.

Nonetheless, there are measurable, goal variations between the common man and the common girl. We all know, as an illustration, that even particular person cells could be “male” or “feminine.” A kidney cell from a feminine appears to be like and features in another way than a kidney cell from a male. The kidney nonetheless performs the identical position within the physique no matter intercourse, however there are variations within the margins. Refined nuances that have an impact.

So it’s pure to wonder if creatine has the identical helpful impact in ladies that it does in males. Properly, does it?

Creatine for Ladies

To reply your query: sure, creatine is useful for ladies. Identical to it does in males’s muscle groups, creatine helps present vitality for ladies’s muscle groups within the type of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate.  For brief, intense bursts of pace or energy—in case you’re going to be lifting automobiles off youngsters, sprinting to keep away from an enormous boulder rolling your approach, or eking out a couple of additional reps on the finish of the set, for instance—it behooves you to have the ability to generate extra ATP shortly. Creatine facilitates that.

What Does Creatine Do for Ladies?

Research have proven that creatine has lots of the identical results in ladies as in males:

  • It improves muscular endurance.
  • It improves muscular energy.
  • It improves energy.
  • It could actually enhance muscle hypertrophy.
  • It could actually enhance each cardio and anaerobic efficiency.
  • It will increase efficiency in repeated sprinting (although not a lot single sprints).
  • Mixed with resistance coaching, it could enhance bone well being.

Plus, creatine doesn’t simply improve bodily efficiency. Creatine can be discovered within the mind, the place it maintains cognitive operate by recycling ATP to take care of vitality shops:

  • Creatine can enhance temper, reminiscence, and cognitive operate, and ladies might get an particularly helpful increase to mind vitality from creatine.
  • Creatine reduces the results of sleep deprivation, a situation from which ladies usually tend to endure.

Are There Any Intercourse Variations in Creatine Manufacturing, Storage, or Metabolism?

There are variations in how women and men course of and retailer creatine.

  • Ladies are likely to have 70 to 80 p.c decrease ranges of endogenous creatine storage than males. Muscle tissue represents the most important storage depot for creatine, and ladies often have much less muscle tissue.
  • Ladies are likely to get much less creatine from their food plan, however that’s largely as a result of their decrease meat intakes. This doesn’t apply to each girl, in fact. It is dependent upon the quantity of purple meat (and to a lesser extent fish) you eat.
  • Ladies have larger resting concentrations of intramuscular creatine than males. Their muscle groups are smaller, however extra closely laden with creatine.

Since ladies have much less room to retailer creatine, and the storage depots they do have are “fuller,” some researchers have hypothesized that ladies might not reply as strongly to creatine supplementation. The proof doesn’t actually help this, although. Creatine nonetheless works in ladies, as I mentioned within the earlier part.

Do Menopause, Menstrual Cycles, or Being pregnant Change Creatine Metabolism or Dosing?

Menopause, menstruation, and being pregnant are three uniquely feminine physiological processes or states. How does creatine have an effect on them?


Creatine in Being pregnant

Being pregnant reduces creatine shops, not as a result of the physique is triggering a self-defense mechanism that sheds “harmful” creatine or something, however as a result of it’s utilized in development and improvement of the fetus. You want additional creatine throughout being pregnant. A girl can get it by means of dietary sources, like purple meat or lean white fish, or she will take a bit of additional by means of supplementation.

Supplementation hasn’t been studied in pregnant human ladies, however in animal fashions, creatine supplementation protects the fetus from sure forms of mind harm. Human research present that low creatine ranges throughout being pregnant predispose infants to low beginning weights, so I’d think about it’s fairly secure (and probably essential). As at all times, discuss to your physician earlier than including any dietary supplements throughout being pregnant.

Creatine and the Menstrual Cycle

Throughout the follicular section, creatine is at its lowest together with estrogen. That is additionally when most premenopausal ladies report sleeping poorly. Since creatine is understood to enhance one’s psychological resilience to sleep deprivation, taking additional creatine might be a good suggestion for premenopausal ladies—and never simply main as much as and in the course of the follicular section.


Mixed with resistance coaching, creatine supplementation is a promising technique for counteracting among the damaging results menopause can have on muscle tissue, energy, bodily efficiency, and muscle atrophy.

Will Creatine Make Ladies “Cumbersome”?

Most likely not a difficulty. Whereas creatine has constantly been proven to extend the muscle hypertrophy response to resistance coaching in males, the identical factor doesn’t actually occur in ladies who take creatine. They don’t acquire the muscle water weight that males do, they usually don’t get the increase in muscle dimension—at the very least not any greater than they’d acquire from simply lifting weights. One research in ladies discovered that creatine utilization mixed with resistance coaching elevated fat-free mass with out altering precise body weight.

Ladies nonetheless derive loads of efficiency advantages from creatine utilization, seeing boosts to each energy and energy and not using a large change in dimension.

How A lot Creatine Ought to Ladies Take?

Dosing tips are the identical as males’s: 5 grams a day.

If you wish to pace creatine uptake within the muscle groups, you are able to do a “loading section” of 20 grams a day (cut up up into 4 doses) for per week earlier than dropping down to five grams a day.

Be certain that to drink additional water, as creatine requires water for storage within the muscle, albeit not as a lot in ladies.

For all the ladies on the market, have you ever ever tried creatine? Would you?

Thanks for studying, everybody, and make sure you throw in any questions you might need down under.

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